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Условия за ползване (само на английски)

The following terms set out how you can access and use the website https://cidgreen.com/, owned by owned by CID Green Ltd., with Address registration in Bulgaria,7009 Ruse, 20 Mayor Atanas Uzunov Str. VAT number BG204319691, telephone +359 885 815 890 (Office Administration) and +359 899 360 684 (Production), e-mail: office@cidgreen.net.

By accessing and using our website, you accept these terms and conditions in full, whichever version of the terms is published at the time you access the site, without prejudice to the individual conditions that could apply to some specific services of the website.

You access this website and the contents here included freely and consciously under your sole responsibility.

The website is provided free of charge, although greentechnosl.com reserves its right to limit the user’s access to particular contents or services, requesting the user to register in order to access said contents or services.

cidgreen.com reserves its right to modify the format, configuration and localization of the website, together with its content, services and the conditions to use them at any time or when needed to adapt to future technological and legal changes. These modifications will become effective when published on the website.

Greentechnosl.com reserves its right to suspend access to the website at any time and without notice, due to technical, security, control, power failure or maintenance reasons, or any other reason. Said suspension can be temporary or permanent. If the suspension is permanent, it will be notified to the users, who could lose the information stored within the different services, without receiving any compensation.


This website is owned by cidgreen.com. All intellectual and industrial property rights in and on this website are reserved and the access to or use of the website does not grant the user the right to use any copyright owned by cidgreen.com.

The website users may only make a private, personal or professional use of the contents included in this website. Users may not directly or indirectly commercially exploit the website or any of its elements, nor use it for unlawful purposes.

Users many not reproduce, modify, distribute or make available to the public in any way the website, without the prior written consent of cidgreen.com. Users may not reproduce the contents included in this website, except to the extent permitted by law and quoting the source or, alternatively, with the prior written consent. If said prior written consent is obtained, the consent will replace the above mentioned prohibition and will detail the possible limitations to its use.

cidgreen.com will not be liable for the use that any third party makes of the content of the website and may exercise its rights to take legal measures if the user breaches these terms and conditions.


This website offers information about the company and its products.

The content included in the website has been written in good faith and for information purposes. cidgreen.com will not be liable for the integrity and accuracy of the information quoted nor guarantee the accuracy or the update of the information that can be obtained from the website, which can be subject to change without notice. In addition, cidgreen.com will not be liable for any possible typographical, formal or numerical errors that could be found in the website.

cidgreen.com will not be liable for any possible misuse of the website made by the users.

1. Service access

cidgreen.com will try to keep all technical problems to a minimum, but reserves its right to suspend temporarily the services and contents of the website to carry out any maintenance, upgrade or repair activities to the website, for which the user will not be entitled to any compensation.

cidgreen.com advises that the information included in this website could have been created or filed in databases or formats non-exempt of errors and therefore cannot guarantee that the service will not be suspended or affected by said problems.

cidgreen.com will not be liable for any damage resulting from the use of the website or from the use of any third party websites linked to.

cidgreen.com will not be liable if the service is suspended or if it malfunctions due to fortuitous facts, force majeure or any other reasons beyond its control.

2. Links

cidgreen.com will not be liable for any responsibility that may arise from the existence of links among the contents of this website or contents outside said website, or any other mention of external contents.

If cidgreen.com confirms in any way the illicit nature of a linked site, or that it infringes any personal or proprietary rights of a third party, the company will delete or disable said link.

The presence of links on the website is purely informative, and in no case must be understood like an invitation or recommendation of products or services offered on third party websites and does not imply the endorsement of said contents or sites.

cidgreen.com will not be liable for the content or availability of the linked websites, or any loss or damage that may arise from the connection with or the use of any content, product or service available on the websites linked.

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